Don’t live with broken windows

Recently, I started reading The Pragmatic Programmer by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas. This is a part of series of posts from my leanings through this book. Some of the details from this post are the exact same words of Andrew Hunt and David Thomas.

Hopelessness can be contagious.

Ignoring a clearly broken situation reinforces the ideas that perhaps nothing can be fixed, that no one cares. And it quickly spreads among the team.

Don’t leave “broken windows’’ (bad designs, wrong decisions, or poor code) un-repaired.  When smaller things are left broken, soon other things starts breaking too. In other words the expense that you want to save by not fixing it, it will come back with pretty decent interest.

Dave Thomas says “It’s like a email inbox, when I have an unread email and I decide to respond to it later. Then I have two and suddenly, I realize that now I have over hundred and I am not going to answer to them “

Fix it the moment you discovered it or for some reason you don’t have time at that moment, ensure that you pin it, put up police tape around. May be something like, “TO DO” or “NO Implemented” or “OBSOLETE”. Make sure everybody knows it is broken.

Make no mistake, it won’t take too much time for a perfect, clean system to rot in time when a small piece is broken.

Neglection accelerates the rot faster than any other factor.

If we decide to be very tough tough on smaller issues, we can definitely control the larger once. It’s the lesson that is applicable in every part of life and not just coding. Think of a simple leaking tap, and what that single drop can cause over period time.

Show You Care, So Others Will Care. As I quoted earlier Hopelessness can be contagious. Attitude is defiantly contagious, is your’s catching worth?

If I don’t care, why would others?. However, if I show that little care irrespective of whose code it was, I am not only fixing a potential issue of tomorrow but also setting an example to doing what’s right,

It’s an attitude, it’s the mindset, it’s the desire to do what is right!!! and to me that’s CRAFTSMANSHIP.

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