Good news! It’s over.

“If you can’t run, how can you have fun? Well then let your butts burn” Kanchan told me jokingly. “WHY NOT?” was the thought and thus began my self-imposed small challenge of cycling for thirty days.

This time it’s not running ;). It would be too much. Well, these days I am a victim of a small ankle injury and thus cycling.

Having a goal, set a momentum, puts you in a motion.  It was Monday, August 6, I managed to pedal 31.99 km. Next two days I clocked 33.36 km and 32.75 km respectively. The first 2-3 days you ride the motivation wave, you’re proud of yourself and your discipline muscle is still functioning. After this, there are high chances of crises situation 😉


But when the motivation perishes what works is WILLPOWER. I decided to clock more for the first weekend and I was happy to see 50.37 km, 46.61 km for Sat, Sun respectively. This was a big boost to morale.  My buddies accompanied for both the days. I closed my weekend with decent 260.68 km. At this moment I decided to take on another challenge to clock 1000 km in 4 weeks and every day minimum 30 km


The second Week it was 265.23 km. An interesting experience to share, I was supposed to attend a visa interview at the consulate. I checked the traffic and with the car, I wouldn’t have reached. Yup! I took my cycle and managed to reach Richmond circle in 40 minutes.

Motivation is what gets you started; Habit is what keeps you going

The third week it was relatively less 245.69 km. This week most of the time it was raining, one day It rained the whole day, I thought my challenge would break today. Eventually, for some time in the evening, the rain stopped. I then immediately started riding. However, to check my determination rain too came down powring. But it was fun riding in the rain and me managed to finish my goal for the day.



When your countdown is reducing, the challenge becomes easy. First 4 days of the went as usual. Fifth-day mom came from my native. As usual, a typical mom who was not ready to see me going to office by cycling.  She was too stubborn and at one point she started blackmailing me emotionally. After all, I am her son only ;). Managed to trick her and continued my challenge. On Saturday, I had not yet finished my that day’s 30 KM, my daughter asked me if she could join me for a day or two. It was a lovely surprise. We together did about 10k or so and she was tired :).


It was Sunday, September 2, I completed my one challenge of 1025.2 km in 4 weeks. Eventually, after 2 more days on September 4, 2018, with 1092.2 KM I successfully completed THIRTY FOR THIRTY DAYS!!!


PC: Ramith Shetty



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